Blessed To Possess


“For they got not the land [of Canaan] in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them; but Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your countenance [did it], because You were favorable toward and did delight in them.”-Psalm 44:3(Amplified)

You are entering into your season of possession. However, this is not by your own efforts, but it is because of the favor and power of God. If everything were because of you then you probably would have avoided a lot of the hardships and made it happen much sooner than now, but God is going to get the glory out of everything that is happening to you now. Doors are opening now not because you made them open, but because God has decreed that it’s now time for them to open for you. Dreams are being fulfilled not because you have worked hard to get them off of the ground, but because your faith in the God of the possible has aligned everything towards that place called FULFILLMENT.

Realizing the will of God working towards you in this season is the key to actually receiving what God is bringing into your life at this time. The desert season has ended and now it is time to inhabit Canaan. The thoughts of unworthiness must be shed in Canaan because God delights in you and finds you worthy of His favor. Anyone that opposes you opposes God because you are dear to His heart and He is indeed jealous over you.

In this season you must begin to delight in God just like he delights in you and while you can never out love God there is no harm in trying. As you love Him radically you will see your faith take on new expression. Many of the hard places that made you question God in the past because you felt stuck will now become places of expectation where you confidently look forward to God’s breakthrough power to be demonstrated. It’s a new season so get ready for what God is going to do for you.


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