You Are Seated With Christ


“Then he picked us up and set us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus, our Messiah.”-Ephesians 2:6(MSG)

Do you realize that you have been chosen to live with a view from the top? Sometimes this seems a little unrealistic when we consider the difficulties that we face in life, but Romans 5:17 tells us that we are supposed to “reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ(NKJV).” We have gotten used to living under all sorts of pressures which has affected our health, stolen our joy and has caused us to create a false doctrine of suffering that will only end when one of two things happen either Jesus comes back to rapture the church or we die and end in up heaven, but I think that it is time for God’s people to develop some bold faith and turn the tide of every battle that we are facing in our favor.

First, we must come to understand that “he picked us.” Too many have allowed the rejection that they have experienced in life and may still be experiencing to blind them to the simple fact that God has chosen to accept you because he simply loves you. Once we understand that we are chosen then comes the understanding that spiritually we are seated in heaven “with Jesus” not below him or behind him, but “with Jesus.” Everything about your life in Christ is meant to go up from the point that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior so any thoughts of inferiority or unworthiness are not the result of humilty, but ignorance. The truth of God’s word tells me that I am a “joint-heir with Jesus Christ(see Romans 8:17).” As an heir I believe that it’s time for me to access my inheritance and live the high life in Christ.

Today, decide that it’s time for you to live the life that you were destined for where you overcome no matter how bleak the situation may look. Forbid depression from having any place in your life and permit the joy of the Lord to shine on you daily. Even if the sun is not high in the sky the Son is always up so happy days are still here again!


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