Chosen To Love Others


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“The greatest love a person can show is to die for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you.” John 15:13, 14 NCV

We live in a day and a time that demands radical obedience that is motivated by radical love. The world has seen enough of radical disobedience motivated by selfishness that’s why they refuse to associate with anything that resembles Christianity. However, we can’t allow this to silence our witness, but we must live God’s love out loud.

The other day I encountered a Jehovah’s Witness who preceded to tell me about the various crises that he’s currently encountering one of his issues being frequent seizure episodes that prevented him from keeping a job. I listened to him as he told me his problems sensing in my heart that this was an opportunity for him to have a God encounter. As we were preparing to part company I obeyed God’s prompting and asked if I could pray for his healing and he said, “Yes” thinking that I would simply lift his name up in prayer later, but sensing that God wanted to heal him now I immediately began praying right on the spot. After I prayed for him he began to feel better and expressed his appreciation for my actions. The next day I saw the man and he came to me and said, “Young man, what you did for me yesterday impacted my life greatly. It refreshed me and I know that it was motivated by real love, thank you.”

As disciples of Jesus Christ we have to follow his lead at all times especially when we are outside the church walls because that’s where radical obedience is tested the most. Too many believers leave their “holy boldness” at church instead of taking it to the streets. If God’s love is in you then you have an obligation to boldly declare the good news through your words and more importantly your actions. Always keep in mind that we are not waiting for a season of revival to come and turn the hearts of unbelievers towards God because revival is already here right inside of you. From this day forward may your declaration always be, “I am a revival!”

1. What has God been speaking to your heart in regards to ministering to others that you’ve been reluctant to obey?

2. What stories of radical obedience motivated by radical love would you like to share in order to encourage someone’s heart?


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