Chosen To Live a Life Without Limits

no limits

“I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength.”Philippians 4:13, NCV

What is preventing you from living a life of fulfillment and zero regret? Education? Finances? Vital Partnerships? Whatever your reason or reasons may be, today I want to encourage you to live a life without limits.

Most people spend countless hours and days thinking about what they were supposed to be or what they were supposed to do. However, we can’t turn back the hand of time, but we can live better today and tomorrow. Yesterday’s mistakes should not be today’s handicaps, but they should rather be instruments of higher learning that help us to make better decisions and avoid the same pitfalls.

Today live expecting all of your dreams, goals and visions to come alive. Expect for God to connect you to divine appointments with the resources necessary to carry out everything that he has placed within your heart. Your faith in God will empower you to overcome every limiting factor that the enemy tries to use as a means of preventing your destiny. You are called to live a life without limits.

What would you attempt to accomplish if you were confident that you would not fail?

Declaration: “As a child of God I live a life without limits. As I stay connected to God, he is expanding my vision and bringing every necessary resource into my life. I cannot fail because God has blessed the work of my hands. My accomplishments bring God glory.”


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